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A Semi-Opera in Five Acts

By Henry Purcell &

John Dryden

Directed by Bob Scanlan

Musical Direction by Ian Watson


Sarah Yanovitch
David Kravitz
Krista River
Sumner Thompson
Benjamin Evett*
Esme Allen*
David Gullette
Jason McCool
Paula Langton*
Ken Cheeseman*
Rebecca Lehrhoff
Glen Moore

Produced in partnership with The Henry Purcell Society of Boston and the Arcadia Players

Saturday, November 19th at 7:30 p.m.
The Cathedral Church of St. Paul
138 Tremont Street
Boston MA 02110

*member of Actors' Equity Association

Henry Purcell’s sumptuous Baroque musical masque accompanying John Dryden’s fantasy tale of enchantment, war, and liberation is still celebrated as one of the triumphs of English Restoration art and culture. Premiered in 1691 for the co-regnants of the realm, William and Mary, the legendary King Arthur saves Britain from invading Saxons, as forces battle for the soul and integrity of the nation. A timely subject, in our own presidential election month!

In a collaboration between three organizations, the Henry Purcell Society of Boston teams up with the actors of the Poet's Theatre, and Arcadia Players period orchestra to present a rich delivery of Purcell’s ravishing music together with the poetry of John Dryden's play. This tale of King Arthur reveals the story that was the most well known until the last century; not of Lancelot and Guinevere fame, but of sorcerers and magicians, bloody battles, and Arthur's quest to rescue his beautiful, blind lover, Emmeline from the clutches of evil.

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