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A Muster of Poets

Directed by Bob Scanlan

Historically, Boston has been home to numerous prominent American poets. This remains true today, making its civic moniker of “the Athens of America” as fitting now as it was in the nineteenth century. This evening’s performance, directed by Poets’ Theatre President and Artistic Director Robert Scanlan, is a gathering of fine Boston poets,

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

The Boston Athenaeum

10 1/2 Beacon St. Boston MA 02108

who will read their own works in dialogue with the works of their nineteenth-century predecessors, invoking the ghosts of poets such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Amy Lowell, Christopher Cranch, Henry David Thoreau and Angelina Weld Grimke. The program will pay tribute to the Athenæum’s rich historical and literary roots while demonstrating how a living and contemporary literary scene continues to be nourished by this tradition.

To view a video of this performance - click here

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